BridgeWay 4M/8M

BridgeWay 4M/8M systems provide Radio over IP (RoIP) communications interoperability between radio base stations, SATCOM, wireless and wire line telephone, PBX and VoIP networked phones and PCs. The BridgeWay 4M/8M is designed for operations in a mobile vehicle or remote radio site environment.

Tactical Communications

BridgeWay 4M/8M supports multiple simultaneous radio repeater, cross-patch, conference and intercom network connections. An embedded TDM switch provides dial access to radio and conference nets from IP phones, PCs and legacy telephones.

The BridgeWay 4M/8M system provides next generation radio and intercom communications capabilities while dramatically reducing size, weight and power requirements over previous generation technology.

BridgeWay 4M integrates up to 4 radio ports (8 radio ports on the 8M), a SIP and H.323 VoIP Gateway, client server, communications switch and call manager into a single compact, light weight and low power vehicle based system.

A plug in option card for the BridgeWay 8M supports single FXO and FXS telephone lines.

Click here to download a PDF of the 4M-8M Mobile Radio-Intercom VoIP Gateway Product Spec Sheet