About Us

Tactical Communications Corporation designs, manufactures and markets Voice over IP (VoIP) networked radio, telephone and intercom communications products to Systems Integrators and OEMs serving the military and defense industry globally. Tactical Communications Corporation products are currently deployed on numerous land, air and marine tactical military platforms.

Tactical Communications Corporation

Global Supplier of RoIP and VoIP Gateways to Military and Defense Markets

BridgeWay – Links existing legacy systems to today’s latest RoIP/VoIP technology

The objective of the BridgeWay family of products is not only to provide anywhere access to tactical communications networks, but also to offer users of legacy systems a seamless bridge to today’s latest VoIP technology. BridgeWay provides an interoperability gateway between your legacy equipment and VoIP networked systems without the necessity of discarding current systems, protecting your investment and extending the life of existing infrastructures far into the future.

– Legacy Equipment Interoperability

– Mobile and Command Center Configurations

– Multiple Radio and Intercom/Conference Nets

– Push Button Intercom Terminals

– Land Mobile Radio Gateway

– Pre-Mission Profile Setup and User Security