BridgeWay CS200

The BridgeWay CS200 is a Rugged Dual Position Crew Station for Heavy Vehicle Applications.

Tactical Communications
Tactical Communications Model CS200 is a dual operator Intercom crew station for on-the-move vehicle platforms. The CS200 crew station utilizes the latest VoIP technology to provide a feature rich and easy to use platform.

The CS200 programmable rotary select switches and status displays will be familiar to operators of legacy analog intercom equipment, while at the same time providing user access to enhanced collaborative communication features.

The CS200 is shown without the protective control cover for clarity.

Each CS200 crew station operates independent of a central intercom control unit. As a result, the CS200 is not subject to capacity restrictions on the number of networked crewmember intercom stations, or subject to the failure of an intercom central control unit.

Each CS200 crew station supports two independent crewmembers. Crewmembers may access intercom channels, radios and talk nets according to the mission and user profile assigned by a system administrator.

Crewmembers may monitor a mix of selected channel combinations via monaural or binaural (separate L+R channel) headset audio. An optional connector configuration is available to allow soldiers to connect their radios, as well as their headsets, to the CS200.

Click here to download a PDF of the CS200 Crew Station Product Spec Sheet