Tactical Communications Frequently Asked Questions

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Tactical Communications FAQ
What exactly is BridgeWay?
BridgeWay is the Tactical Communications name for a product line that bridges modern technology and legacy communications systems. This permits seamless integration of radios, packet-switched VoIP (H.323 and SIP), and traditional circuit-switched telecommunications systems.

Can I connect directly from a SIP phone to a radio?
Yes. Simply dial the extension assigned to the radio in the BridgeWay configuration GUI, and youíre talking to the radio from the SIP phone. You can configure BridgeWay for VOX or DTMF radio PTT control. You can call radios and other assets from ISDN and POTS telephone connections, too.

How large is a fully-equipped BridgeWay unit?
The 4-radio unit is about the size of a hard-cover novel. The 8-radio port unit is a little larger. We also have rack-mounted and rugged environment (MIL-STD-810) models, and portable BridgeWay units with built-in operator control consoles.

I use Cisco Call Manager Express. Will BridgeWay work in my network?
Yes. BridgeWay will operate with Cisco Call Manager Express as an endpoint or a trusted peer gateway, and supports multiple simultaneous H.323 or SIP connections.

How much does BridgeWay cost?
It depends on the configuration, but BridgeWay is very competitive with similar products that donít have nearly as many capabilities.

Does BridgeWay fall under ITAR restrictions?
ITAR is applicable to only some of the MIL-STD-810 variants. Please contact TCC for your specific requirements.