BridgeWay M8100

BridgeWay M8100 systems provide anywhere access to collaborative tactical communication networks supporting radio, SATCOM, telephone, intercom, computer and IP telephone users, in a MIL-STD-810 enclosure.

Tactical Communications
M8100 systems leverage advanced VoIP technology to achieve major size/weight/power savings, expanded access to combat communications networks, increased mobility and upgrades in reliability and ease of deployment over prior generation technology.

BridgeWay M8100 incorporates a conference bridge, call manager, client server, softswitch and VoIP Gateway into a single compact unit, eliminating the necessity for additional external equipment. The M8100 VoIP Gateway interoperates with digital and analog radio types, digital and analog telephone types and SIP or H.323 IP communication devices, dramatically improving collaborative combat net communications capabilities.

M8100 call manager software provides operator command and control over multiple radios, cross patching and intercom communications. Multiple BridgeWay systems may be networked together and console operators may log in on to any terminal located on the network. With appropriate authorization, telephone, PBX and SIP/H.323 users may dial access any operator or radio on the BridgeWay network.

M8100 client software may be customized to meet program requirements and will run on any laptop, computer or workstation supporting JAVA scripts. M8100 system administration, configuration and maintenance may be conducted remotely over the IP network and the M8100 may be easily preconfigured to match combat mission requirements.

The conduction cooled M8100 is water-immersible and meets MIL-STD-810 requirements. The M8100 product line is available in 8 radio port (M8100) and 4 radio port (M4100) configurations. Optional telecom interfaces include PRI T1/E1, quad FXO and FXS telephone lines. Optional radio features include remote radio configuration control ports and radio data to IP ports. Tactical Communications also offers rugged VoIP operator and intercom terminals for the M8100 system.

BridgeWay M8100 packs the power to support 8 radios and up to 64 command and control consoles in a rugged 8.75L x 6.50W x 2.5H inch package. With the M8100, field personnel may plug in SATCOM, telephone, radio, headset and IP communication terminals or PC’s and have a complete tactical communications network setup in minutes.

Click here to download a PDF of the M8100 Communications RoIP/IC Gateway Product Spec Sheet