TCC Rackmount Systems

BridgeWay rack-mounted M8100RM systems provides universal interoperability between Land Mobile Radio (LMR) base stations, SATCOM terminals, cell phones, headsets, telephone systems and VoIP networked communication terminals, such as laptops, workstations and IP telephones.

Tactical Communications
BridgeWay supports all types of conventional and digitally controlled radios and telephone equipment, command/control center workstation consoles and VoIP networked communication terminals, including full intercom capability.

BridgeWay may be equipped with an optional T1/E1 ISDN span port for integration with command and control center PBX systems, the PSTN or for connection to trunking radio and SATCOM systems.

BridgeWay M8100RM Rackmount System

Optional POTS line cards supporting 4 FXO and 4 FXS telephone ports, 8 FXO, 8 FXS, 8 DNVT ports or 8 E&M ports are available for interfacing with POTS telephone handsets, 2 and 4 wire telephone trunk lines and encryption devices.

10/100bT Ethernet IP connections are provided for VoIP communications. VoIP data may be AES encrypted, or an external module may be added for Type 1 crypto operation over the Ethernet network.

BridgeWay is equipped with an embedded H.323 or SIP Gateway supporting up to 32 VoIP terminal devices, such as IP telephones, PC laptops and operator workstations.