TCC-1 Operator Console

The TCC-1 Operator Console is a rugged Voice over IP (VoIP) networked radio, telephone and intercom communications console designed for operation in mobile vehicle and shelter environments.

TCC-1U version shown with available binaural Racal Acoustics Raptor headset.

Tactical Communications

Key features include:
° Intuitive LCD touch screen Graphical User Interface (GUI)
° Individual or group intercom to other users on the system
° Conference/patch radio and telephone users
° Simulcast to multiple radios and operator terminals
° Integral SIP/H.323 softphone
° Desktop or panel-mount styles
° Supports a variety of headset, microphone and speaker interfaces
° Bowman Pressel or U-329/U (GC-329) audio connector options available
° Support monaural or binaural audio
° Provides power for ANR headsets
° Programmable function keys
° Remotely programmable configuration
° Multiple programmable access levels to secure assets
° Pre-configured mission-specific configurations included
° Power over Ethernet (POE) option available

Click here to download a PDF of the TCC VoIP Radio-Telecom Operator Console Product Spec Sheet